Why is the Orthodox Young Professionals Conference being rescheduled? It looks like Texas is opening up? 

While we would love to see everyone this summer, earlier in the year Metropolitan JOSEPH put a directive out that all events would not occur this summer.  We were included in that directive and respect his decision.  We also know that many people are still cautious about traveling and know our attendance would not be at its peak if we followed through with the conference this summer.

Why did you pick February for the new date?
Being on the committee has it's perks and after a fruitful conversation with the committee members and what the hotel had available, this date was chosen.  Anything later in 2021 runs into lent and we don't want to conflict with the Antiochian Archdiocese Parish Life Conferences and Antiochian Archdiocese National Convention that are to occur in 2021 as well.

Can I register for 2021 now?

Absolutely!  Registration is open and the prices are the same.  However, new dates for price increases have been updated and reflective of the date change.

What if I already registered for 2020?

Great! You're already registered!  You had already received an email previously sharing that the date was being changed and to please make your registration decision once the new date has been announced.  If you are planning to attend, there's nothing additional you need to do, you're already registered.  If you know you cannot make the conference, please reach out to oypc2020@gmail.com to make arrangements regarding a refund.  

Is the conference at the same hotel?

Yes, click here for hotel information.  If you previously booked your hotel, you'll need to change the dates.

How does the schedule differ to past OYPC's?

This year will be a Friday through Monday.  Check your work schedule, you might have Monday off for the President's Day Holiday.  The conference will start Friday evening with our welcome night, Saturday will have morning prayers and speakers in the morning with free time in the afternoon and an evening event.  Sunday we'll celebrate Divine Liturgy together, have some free time after church, a speaker session before vespers and then the final night dinner and dancing.  Monday morning will include an optional goodbye breakfast for those sticking around for the day.  The Monday breakfast is not included in your registration.  While the schedule is fluid, the general schedule is as mentioned above.  A more detailed schedule will be announced as we get closer. 

Will we have to wear a mask at the OYPC?  What other precautions will the OYPC be taking to ensure I'm safe?

February is still a long way away and safety measures for COVID-19 are changing almost daily.  While we don't know what we'll be asking everyone to do specifically to comply in February, we will be following CDC health guidelines that are required and recommended during the time of the conference.  Stay tuned.


Why wasn't the date change announced earlier than June?

Honestly, between figuring what was happening with COVID-19, figuring out new dates out with the hotel, having new contracts reviewed and signed, and getting Metropolitan JOSEPH's blessing for a new date... it just took time to make it happen.  But we're excited to see everyone in February!  

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