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The Orthodox Young Professional Conference - The Reunion is a 3 day, 2 night modified version of the full OYPC experience hosted by the Young Adult Ministry of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese.  Young Orthodox Christians from across the country and all jurisdictions are invited to join together in a weekend of fellowship and fun.  Those involved in the planning hope for an opportunity for spiritual growth, future friendships, lasting memories and more.

What is a Young Professional?

A young adult who is beyond college years navigating through the daily struggles of life as an Orthodox Christian through their mid-twenties, thirties and early forties.

You are a Young Professional if you want to:

-Grow Spiritually

-Meet other young Orthodox Christians

-Learn practical ways to connect your daily work with Christ and His Church

-Explore your vocation, or 

-Find Inspiration from the witness of speakers and other young adults.

Being an Orthodox young professional means striving to glorify God in everything we do.  Whether your profession is being on Wall St, in an elementary school, in a hospital, a coffee shop, or as a church youth leader, we are right where Christ wants us to be at this moment in our lives.  Through prayer we can encounter Christ in what we do each day as we spread His word in our daily work.

What is the difference between an OYPC and an OYPC-The Reunion?

The OYPC is a 4 day, 3 night event held at a hotel with multiple speakers, three evening events, liturgical services and more.  The OYPC- The Reunion is a shortened version replicating a more "retreat" like atmosphere with two evening events, one speaker, liturgical services and a more intimate setting. 

If I haven't been to an OYPC, can I attend an OYPC- The Reunion?

Yes, even if you haven't been to an OYPC, we invite you to join us.  The name "The Reunion" helps signify that the expectation of the weekend is different than of a regular OYPC. 

History of Locations

2014 OYPC - San Diego, CA

2016 OYPC - New Orleans, LA

2018 OYPC - Denver, CO

2019 OYPC The Reunion - Boston, MA

2021 OYPC - Austin, TX

2022 OYPC The Reunion - Potomac, MD

2024 OYPC - TBD 

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